I discovered Pilates by accident on a surfing holiday in Spain. After just one or two sessions, I could feel a massive difference in my posture, body awareness and general wellbeing. I found it both relaxing and rewarding. When I got home to London I started doing classes at the Body Control Pilates studio.

At that time I was working in a job I didn’t enjoy, but I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was doing a lot of Pilates and loving it! One day my teacher suggested that I think about training as a Pilates teacher…

I qualified with Body Control Pilates in 2013. I am a level 3 Pilates teacher and am qualified to teach Matwork, Reformer and other studio equipment from beginner to intermediate level and both pre- and post-natal clients and those with osteoporosis. I teach functional movement, focussing on practical, logical and useful movement for everyday life.

I am also into singing, surfing, making things (clothes, cards, food, all sorts), music, books and travel.


Instagram: ellenleishman